About Urban Partners

The Urban | Partners program was created to connect our clients to the many businesses creating change in their unique markets, similar to Urban Flat. While hotels want to "keep you in", we believe that an important element to making you feel even more at home is our ability to effectively connect you to your surrounding community. From restaurants to bars, stick-on whiteboards to bicycles, our Urban Partners are large and small: but all believe in one thing: #ExperienceDifferent

Want to become an Urban Partner? Email: gurkarn@urbanflat.com

The Partners

WhiteyBoard was born out the necessity to facilitate, create, and collaborate cost-effectively. WhiteyBoards are an innovative alternative to costly and cumbersome conventional whiteboards. Ditch the drill. The specialty adhesive makes installation quick and easy, while it's superior quality ensures exceptional dry-erase performance. Find WhiteyBoards in Urban Flat units!


The Humble Cup was founded in Los Angeles and provides an instant pour-over coffee filter & dripper in one. With exclusive beans roasted by Baristamia from places like Ethiopia, Guatemala, Columbia & more, the coffee is arguably some of the finest in the world. Find The Humble Cup in select Urban Flat properties and purchase your own online!


Pure City Cycles is a celebration of biking for all that it offers: transportation, health, and pure fun. The Pure City line was designed with the city rider in mind. Each component is hand-selected to give you the best riding experience possible. Choose between a single-speed, 3-speed Shimano Nexus hub, or an external 8-speed cassette to get the gearing that's right for your riding style and your city's character. Every bike also comes with a versatile rear rack, front and rear fenders, and a bell, so you're ready for whatever your city can throw at you! Bottom line, Pure City bikes are built to live, ride, and thrive right where you do!